5 Plugins To Boost Search Engine Optimization & Produce High Speed Website

If you have a quite fascinating website for your business or for your personal interests, you definitely love your website more than anything else because, after all, it’s your property that generates you some extra bucks. Well, this “some extra bucks” may be a great amount for some bloggers or website owners. But your love with your website may get spoiled when you stuck on the page while loading. Your webpage usually becomes unresponsive due to lots of factors.

Today, we are gonna mention five important plugins that you can use to effectively boost your website’s ranking. Let’s get started!

1. All in One SEO

All in One SEO” is one of the most popular plugin ever downloaded. Right from 2007, there has been more than 30 million downloads of this plugin which seems to be a big amount. Talking about its functionality, we get this suit translated in 57 local and international languages. Moreover, you also get 100% compatibility with the PHP-7 which becomes quite handy in most cases. The META tags also get generated only because of “All in One SEO”. Being a blogger, I do recommend this plugin because of its functionality and it optimizes your website automatically.

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2. Akismet

Akismet stands on the top when it comes to a situation where you want to stop getting spam emails or messages on your website. Akismet basically uses a filter that combines the information of the spam input and blocks those spams forever. With the help of Akismet, you can make a perfect security check against the spams. Most of the competitors or hackers place robots to continuously send you emails, messages and comments on your website to make the server busy and in response, you’re not able to do anything. So, installing Akismet on your website literally makes a sense.

3. Jetpack

Plotting statistics of a company or a business is a key feature of its success. By Jetpack plugin, you can also make your online business more sophisticated by having a record of your actions. Having an option to check the stats at any time make your work more professional and precise. Jetpack also comes up with the feature of easy sharing. You can easily share the content of your site to any of the social media platform. Jetpack actually keeps a perfect record of incoming traffic, revenue generated, and also keeps the record of the history.

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4. WP Fast Cache and W3 Total Cache

Looking for a free but effective caching plugin which gives you options of a boatload of customization, you have finally got what you were looking for. Both of these caching plugins perform up to the mark. Well, nothing is same in this world, so I have to mention that WP Fastest Cache has got a little more beneficial user experience than the W3 Total Cache and this can be predicted by the reviews of both the plugins. WP Fast Cache has got 4.8 stars out of 5 and W3 Total Cache has got only 4.3.

5. Shareaholic

Your main goal is to get more and more traffic on your website to increase the domain and page authority of your website, so the best way to share the content is the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and many more. Just to give you an easy approach to this feature, Shareaholic supports you in a quite decent way. The Share-Buttons provided by the Shareaholic plugin are very easy to use. Just click on the target platform on which you want to share the content and nothing else, you will have your post shared on the social platforms. This ease-of-share literally help a lot in gathering some traffic in your website.

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All I wanted, was to give you an idea of making your website more user-friendly and making it able to get more and more traffic via these simple but efficient plugins.

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