7 Reasons Why I Choose to Make Money from the Internet as Part time

While working on a day job for almost 13 years now. Back in 2013, I’d realized that my income is limited that is why I decided to find ways to make money as part time so that I can have extra money apart from my income from the corporate job.

I’m the guy who dreamed of having a comfortable life, aside from that I want to have surplus income every month so that I can also lay plans for my investments and not just that for investments but to have the chance to travel abroad. From that year on, I decided to try to find and venture another source of income. And I choose it to be from online.

Now, here are 7 Reason Why I choose to Make Extra Income from the Internet as Part time.

1. You can work from home or anywhere else

The first reason why I choose to make extra money from the internet is because I can work and make it online or anywhere I want. Why? It is all because of the use of internet connection. When you want to make money from the internet, then you only need to go online.

All of the ways to make money from the internet can be managed as long as you have the internet connections. You can go to a cafeteria while drinking a cup of coffee and then you can go online and make some money. You can also stay at home forever and use the internet connection to handle your online business.

2. Startup cost of starting a business online is very small

This is what I really love from business online in which I can use my small budget to earn more income. If we compare it to the offline business like opening a physical store, then business online is cheaper because you do not need to spend a lot of budgets to build a building. However, it also depends on the business online you choose.

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There are so many online businesses that you can try to focus. For example, you can create a simple website either free website or paid website and register it to Google AdSense. Here, you only need to make some article with good SEO and you will get paid from Google AdSense.

3. No employee to hire

One of the good things from making money online is that you are no need an employee. You can be a boss as well as the employee. You can work alone because all of the facilities have been provided for you.

You may be familiar with some YouTubers who have made a lot of money from their channels. This is one good thing to make money from YouTube if you have a good passion for broadcasting. You can take a niche or topic which you want to talk about in your videos. Then, you can upload your videos and let everybody watch your video. The number of visitors you get, the more money you can get from YouTube.

YouTube is one of the good choices to make money online, but you can also choose other ways like creating a website or join some online surveys.

4. No office, no inventory

Any places in this world are your offices as long as you find the internet connection. You can go to the center park of the city; there you can consider the park as your office. You can work and make extra money anywhere you want. The world is your office and you also do not need an inventory because you sell digital products where the products are stored in a digital inventory.

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You can access it anywhere you want and you can also handle your online business while you are traveling. The time is your and you can manage your working hour according to your wishes. You have no deadline and no boss that you have to be afraid of.

5. You can sell other peoples products

Luckily, if you do not have some budgets to run your own business online, then you still have a chance to sell other people products. Do you want to join a drop shipping business? It is a good way to make money online by selling other people’s products. In this business, you only need to contact the products owners to sell their products. You can promote their products as if the products are yours. When there is a buyer who wants to buy the products, then the product owner will deliver the product directly to the buyer on behalf of your own store name.

You can also sell other people’s digital products like being a hosting reseller, affiliate marketing, and much more.

6. You can make money from you own digital product

Do you want to sell your own digital products? Well, you can also sell your digital product on the internet. There are some kinds of digital products that you can sell. For example, you can sell a website, blog template, game, software, video tutorial, E-book, and much more. You only need to promote your products to others. When they are interested in your digital products, then they will purchase it.

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7. The Market is huge

This is one of the good potentials from the online business where you can sell your digital products to the whole world. You do not need to meet people to sell your product because you can use virtual communication through online chats. You can send your products anywhere you want and the buyers can be anyone in this world who is coming from the USA, Asia, Europe, Australian, and Africa. The people can enjoy your digital product without touching it because they only need to download it.

Online business is really promising to make money as extra income. So, you do not need to quit your office job if you want to join this online business. But, it all depends on your decision.

It is not a big deal at all if only you want to quit your primary job and prefer online business. Somehow, you need to be patient when you are new in this business field, but as long as you give your complete effort to this business, then someday you will be successful as you can see me right now.


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