A Long Term Plan To Make Profit from Blogging

A lot of bloggers blog for the reason of making money. This reason is a typical mindset of an individual who is averagely intelligent, willing to work hard and has a basic knowledge of blogging technology. Unfortunately, only a few bloggers manage to make profit from their blogs. A larger percentage of those who try to make money from blogging fail due to two reasons.

First, bloggers usually expect their audience to grow so fast and then make a lot of money, and if these are not achieved they get disappointed and the morale to continue blogging dies.

Second, many bloggers do not plan. If you want to earn from blogging, you must make a realistic plan and be committed to that plan.

The truth is that before you can make profit from blogging, you will need a lot of blog readers. The higher your blog traffic, the more advertisers will be willing to pay to advertise their products or services on your blog. However, it is not easy to get this large number of readers that will generate profit. Besides, more blogs are being created every day; so nicely written articles or ideas are not enough to attract the desired traffic or readership. Therefore, you need to know how to effectively market your blog.

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But here, I’m gonna share you some tips that I was able to grow my blog. And be able to generate large numbers of following. Here we are. I am writing just what I was exactly learned not just tweaking like what other bloggers doing. I am straight forward. Then people will send you a message and even tell you personally the “Your writings are direct to the point.” Be exact, share what you’ve exactly learned then people will love it.

Next is, write consistently. You can schedule your blog post, like every week one blog post. It is ok because this is just our part-time while working on your day job. You will accelerate later if you have enough income from your blog then you can quit your job and focus on writing.

Make sure that you have plugins that publicize your blog post that once you publish it will share to your several types of affiliated social media like Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. What it does is to maximize  your time, posting yourself alone your blog post one-by-one and it could be tiresome. The best thing of posting your blog on social medias is it will be indexed and could trigger to search engine optimization.

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Many bloggers spend a lot of time writing their blog content but spend little or no time to market their blog. Certainly, regularly updating your blog is a great means to rank higher on blog search engines such as Technorati, and when your blog readers know that you regularly publish fresh content there is no doubt that they will visit your site regularly. However, if you update your blog regularly and no one is reading your posts, then you’ve wasted your time. This is why you should not hold back the time you spend on getting visitors to your blogsite. For your dream of making profit from your blog to come true, you must create enough time to set up link exchanges with other blogs, connect with experts in the blogosphere and try other traffic generation techniques.

Marketing or blogging experts know that success in blogging cannot happen immediately. It also takes time to build a large readership that is required to make money. In fact, it might take several months before you can start to earn from a new blog. Endeavor to be committed to your blogging project during the most challenging period of building readership. To be motivated to continue blogging, plan how often or regularly your blog will be updated and how many readers you want. Stick to this plan and watch as your profit rolls in.

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