A Wife Became Millionaire in Japan

A former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Japan, she religiously worked out the Aim Global business thru Facebook, imagine that Facebook is her business hub and guess what? She became the first Millionaire and became Global Ambassador in Aim Global in Japan.

Aim Global

She decided to return back home in the Philippines (It’s so sad, while others are still striving for their future in Japan) to work the business full-time.

She bought her first brand new car  with brand -New Ford Everest 2013.  The Global Ambassador ,Millionaire’s Circle ( first in Japan ).

Facebook Millionaire’s, she said “If you’ll become a wife and a mother, the more you’ll strive to get you dreams in life.”

We have sayings that a “mother is the light of home” but how could there be light if we have lack of finances and we are in the hole of poverty.

Can you imagine that she just made her business through Facebook it is pure online. So what is your excuse? You can become a millionaire too if you’ll do this business seriously.

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