About Me

Hi! I am Noel Mades I am the authorNoel photo1 of this site. Welcome, and thank you for visiting my site.

I guess you are here because you want to find extra income or finding business ideas that may create passive income. Well! I can say you are in the right place.

My Journey Started..

I am in the corporate world now working 7:00 am – 5:00 pm 6 days a week. I am working as Quality Engineer in one of the largest company in the United Arab Emirates.

I’ve been in my job for almost 10 years but it looks like there will be no security of being in this line, what is called “Rat Race” so since then I have been always finding the opportunity in order to quit my job. I’ve been in many business ventures from Internet Marketing, Selling (Raw) Products and now Network Marketing.

In my venture, I found out the meaning of “JOB” Journey Of a Broke :). So I’ve learned that I will not become what I wanted to become unless I’ll get out from my JOB.

How I’ve Involved in online business?

While, I am in the corporate world I’ve tried and continued my venture on online business. To wrap up the story, I had to make a blog in order to write what I have learned, what I have experienced then I was able to monetize my blog till now I am earning from it, then so I have found that it is true we can earn money from the internet, now I can say “I cracked the code.”

Planning for Transition

I am still in my day JOB but still earning quite good let me say 6 figure income. I am doing my business part-time after off. I have planned to surpass my JOB income and then later quit from it, so I have to discipline myself for the transitions from JOB to Business.

I am bringing with me always the astonishing law of success in three words “Believe And Succeed.” I always remember this law to keep me running or to keep me afloat.

Thanks for Visiting!

I hope you’ve found my site helpful. Just keep on coming back and you’ll see updates ’cause there will be a regular update of this site for anybody’s additional information or knowledge to gain in online business and lead to generate additional income and eventually passive income that each of us may achieve. To SUCCESS Cheers!