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Dr. Oz’s explanation for all of the low scores was that people aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables, which is the easiest way to boost your antioxidants. Your level of antioxidants also depends upon a bunch of other factors:

Your dietC247
Your supplementation
Your level of stress and how you manage it
Your exposure to radiation
Your exposure to pollution
The following diagram contains a clear and simple explanation of how antioxidants help us:

Our body’s health depends on our CELLS HEALTH. To slow down aging, limit illness and prevent diseases, we must protect and feed our cells properly.

CELLS are made up of atoms. Healthy atoms are ” paired ” electrons ( yellow dot) .When healthy cells replicate they made an exact copy. FREE RADICALS atom missing an electron,steal an electron from surrounding atom and they alter to destroy cells. Cells that die and cells that replicate in a damage state are the cause or contribute to premature aging,sickness and diseases such as cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and many others.

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So, we want to have the highest level possible of antioxidants because antioxidants create a defense for the body to prevent disease and help us heal faster if we do get sick.

If you look at the diagram, you can see that if your level of antioxidants were in the red or the orange (between 10,000 and 30,000), you wouldn’t have a lot of reserves to protect you against the negative effects of free radicals.

Stress Management is Key to Maintaining Your Antioxidant Levels
What I have found very interesting with the people I’ve been testing is that diet and educated supplementation are clearly important to establish their base level, AND how they manage their stress seems to be of prime importance in keeping their levels high.

When they go through a period of increased stress, it can lower their levels as much as 20,000 points in a few weeks.

What Can You Do Right Now to Raise or Maintain Your Antioxidant Levels?

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Eat More Veggies and Fruit- most people recommend 9 servings (fist-fulls) per day .
Take good quality supplements . —try our flagship c24/7 natura-ceuticals,, the World’s first natura-ceuticals which contains the highest level of antioxidants with approximately 22,000 phytonutrients in one product.it has 5 anti-aging antioxidants,and 4 longevity polyphenols added to the 131 components.

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