Cope with Homesickness the Cheap Way

You might be someone working abroad or someone who worked within the country but somehow far from home. Admit it, at one point in your life; you’ve felt the homesickness. This feeling of longing does not go away overnight! It will plague you, for the first month, or even year. The thing is, you need to know how to manage it. In this article, allow me to share with you some tips on how you could cope with homesickness the cheap way.


Coping with homesickness does not have to be expensive. You won’t have to indulge in a shopping spree or buy something costly to shun the longing feeling. I know, and I believe that you can do it. You have to be healthy both mentally and psychologically.


  1. Be a tourist

Tourist without spending a dime. Yes, this is possible. Go for free activities and places and enjoy everything that it has to offer. Bring some snacks with you and head to the park. Sit and appreciate the beauty of the area. Take a walk outside while bringing your food. Admire the culture of the place.


There is nothing wrong with enjoying the place. You are not supposed to feel guilty. You are there to work, and that reason alone is already a responsibility you need to find some time to unwind and make yourself feel comfortable because you deserve it.


  1. Mingle with the people

The best way to cope with homesickness the cheap way is to meet new friends. You could share some stories and sit in the park. Enjoy the company of people and spend some precious memories. Who knows? You might meet new amazing people who will become part of your life.

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  1. Cook like a local

Buy cheap ingredients on the local market and try to imitate the way people cook in the place where you are currently at. This will help you feel satisfied since you are already full and at the same time, you got to try your cooking skills. I once heard of a story of a friend who got fascinated with preparing different types of sushi because she stayed in Japan because of work. She used it as an outlet whenever she felt lonely.


  1. Re-arrange your room/home

Your current abode should always feel like home. If you need to decorate it so that you will feel comfortable, then do so. The feeling it brings will be very satisfying. You can feel a lot more comfortable in your own space because of this. Get familiar displays, use the same scent of your room, and display beautiful photos of yours and your family. This will make you feel inspired and motivated at all times.


  1. Take amazing photos

Wander around the new area and take amazing photos! Who knows? This could be your step towards your fascination towards photography. A new career path perhaps? Well, the camera on your phone will do. Later on, if you feel that you’re really into it, you could invest in a much better camera. You might even land a part-time job if you are really good in the photography craft.

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  1. Communicate just enough

Just enough. I repeat, just enough. No need for you to talk to your loved ones back home every single second. Yes, communication is needed. But if it becomes destructive so much so that you miss them so much, then do it in moderation. Talking to then every night would be enough for catch-up sessions.


  1. Go for some sports

Physical activity will help you divert your homesickness into something positive. Plus, it could also be best to keep yourself healthy and active through sports. May it be basketball, tennis, whatever it may be, I highly suggest that you take it. After all, nothing is wrong with some stretching and running.


  1. Have a “me” time

This means that you do something comfortable for yourself. May it be eating, playing games, or watching tv series or movies. Yes, these sort of activities could help you cope with homesickness the cheap way! You could relax within the vicinity of your own house. Pamper time at home will always be the best time for every worker.


  1. Learn something new

May it be a skill or a language, then indulge yourself into it. You have to be extra patient, but in the end, you will be very proud because you can see the fruit of your hard work. The skill that you will learn could be of great advantage for you in that place or work. It does not happen overnight, but it is worth it.

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  1. Maintain a positivist outlook

Do not look at your situation as a separation. See it as an opportunity for you to earn, enjoy and at the same time, learn a lot of new things. The more you think about the situation negatively, the greater the homesickness will be. View things on a positive and lighter side instead of the negative one.


I once felt the homesickness, and I tried to view things the positive way. It felt therapeutic and very helpful. I became more open with new possibilities that I could do in the place instead of thinking of it as a time of isolation. It was peaceful and beautiful.


Being a worker somewhere is both a privilege and a responsibility. Research shows that aside from the actual work burden, what is much more massive is the emotional load brought by homesickness. Knowing how to cope with homesickness the cheap way will make you feel better. Though it may not be easy, I can assure you that once you’re able to surpass it, you are invincible. You will feel that you can carry on no matter what happens. Good luck fellow worker!

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