Global Business Registration Package


To become a registered member or legal distributor of AIM Global Inc., you just avail the Global Package worth P 7,980.00 that is in Philippines price, 1000AED for UAE Global Package. The Global Business Registration Package provides you a wide range of benefits as follows:

Global Package in UAE

1. Global Package.
With products worth between P 6,000 – P6,825.00 (Combo Packages of your choice). The return on products is around 80% thus, this is not pyramiding (it will become pyramiding if you paid P7,980 but the return of product worth P2,000). What constitutes pyramiding is when the return on products is below 74% of your capital exposure. Hence, more on recruiting people to join the network and not with people who are loyal to the products.

2. 25% Lifetime Discount
After the registration, you’ll get 25% lifetime discount on all products in your next repurchase for a lifetime.

3. Business Kit.
With DVD on the product and the marketing plan and other enclosed brochures and literatures.

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4. Data Tracking Center (Free Web Page).
Our business is internet-based for purposes of monitoring of recruits up to infinity, our daily sales and transactions and for encashment of our income (anywhere on the globe, we can monitor our sales and the activities of our downline members). Our website address is . You may access your account by logging on using your User Name and Password.

5. ATM Card (either BPI or BDO or China Bank).
It is a zero-maintaining ATM cards. Our income will be withdrawn through our ATM after 24hours from encashment at our site.

6. Global Business.
We emphasize here global because the distribution started in the Philippines and it will further spread to other countries as AIM Global continues to hold on to a 30-year contract with Nature’s Way.

7. Scholarship Plan.
This scholarship plan is transferable but not for sale. The scholar will avail 50% discount, with no entrance examination and no maintaining grade. This will apply to any 2, 3, 4 years or any short courses with our affiliated schools nationwide. As of the present, we have tied up around 300 schools nationwide.

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8. Free Medical Check-up worth.
You may avail this with any of our linked clinics and laboratories nationwide for a period of one year. Discounts will be given for the succeeding years.

9. Insurances.
AIM Global, Inc. has tied up with MAFRE Insular for
the following insurances:
P 200,000.00 – Personal Accident Insurance
P 50,000.00 – Unprovoked Murder or Assault
P 10,000.00 – Medical Reimbursement
P 10,000.00 – Burial Assistance

This is good only for one year, however, it is renewable every year with only a minimal due. The investment is so small but it has a big return. The company is that so generous to its distributors. So even if you will do the marketing or not, still you earn great return of your money. So, definitely, it’s not a scam.

You can contact me to know more about the opportunity or you can leave your reply below.

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