How to Make Money Online – The Easiest Way

I’m going to share with you how I make money online. And I am excited to share my story. I’ve been sparing my extra time to make more money from the internet and it really works for me. I only had to get the right information about being a successful online entrepreneur.

But before we go on. When I first got in the online world back then in 2007,  I was thinking of creating a website for my affiliated business. That time I stumbled upon google’s blogging platform “blogspot.”

While scrolling the whole back office the of blogspot page I’ve found the words that it said ‘’I can make money with google” I don’t even know that was to be Adsense. I didn’t take immediate action to be affiliated with Adsense because I really don’t know what is Adsense and I had to just continue making the blog on my blogspot but along the way parallel to my blogging, I was searching further about Adsense. I got a little knowledge then and to cut the story short, I tried to submit my blog for approval but I did not know a blog that has few contents will not be approved to place an advertising. So, in short, my application was disapproved.

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But I did not stop from being disapproved.

Now, after how many years passed by I utilize my creativity and skills I’ve learned online to get extra earnings. I would like to share some of the few methods that you can use to make money online. Are you ready for an exciting ride?

Here are 4 tips that I am making money online that you can do too.

1. Earning through blogging

You do not have to be a professional blogger for you to start earning money through blogging. With the right skills and interests, I always manage to write professional blogs. Of course, it requires practice to perfect this skill.

You can also make use of the free blog sites that allow you to setup a blog like BloggerDotCom, Weebly, Webstart etc. From there, then you start writing about topics that you find interesting to you or what you think other people would be interested in reading. Once you gain many visitors in a day, then you can establish online ads on it like Google Adsense , Infolinks, Chitika etc. and start earning. There are many bloggers earning enough money from those companies.

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You can create a self-hosted blog if you want to brand yourself, it’s better to have the dotcom domain.

2. Affiliate with other peoples’ products

Affiliate marketing is a case whereby you sell the products and services of other companies or people online. Earnings come from commissions and an agreed amount of wage. You can sell the products through your website or use or use social media sites to market and sell.

The essence is to increase the sales of a company’s products and services so that the company pays you. It is pretty interesting especially for those with a passion for online marketing. You get the affiliate link, use it in your website and market their products for them. You can get products to become an affiliate on Clickbank sellers, thousands of various products that you can promote which I was also making money.

3. Earning through writing e-books



You may have a story or two to tell. You may have talents and expertise that you wish to share to the world. You are the best candidate to put it down as e-books. Once you finish the book, you can publish and sell it through platforms that support such sales. You can make it as kindle to sell on amazon like what I have here or on your website using Woocommerce.

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4. Email marketing

This is a method of marketing where you as a marketer, sends commercial emails and messages either to a group of people or individuals. Emails help to create leads and more traffic to a company’s website. The only thing needed for you to have is the Autoresponder Email or Campaign Email. The advantage here is that you have your own database of emails and you have your own traffic once you’ve grown your list.

These and many other ways can assist you put an end to your financial problems. Since you get paid to do what you like, just like I do, you will always find it interesting and rewarding. Try one today!


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