My Resources

When you start a blog you should have the tools that will keep your blog running on the internet. So with that being said below are the programs and plugins that I used.

Some of the programs and links here are affiliates but I am affiliated only to those that I used personally and that I could recommend. And once you buy the product or programs through my links I will earn a commission which I frankly disclose to you. But before we go on I greatly appreciate your little time reading this post.

1. Namecheap

Your hosting is your first priority if you will avoid fraudulence on your site. Through the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is responsible for database maintenance and procedures, solid and safe operation is ensured. Namecheap is a web hosting company which manages domain names. I recommend this platform for the advantages that it’s associated with that will include:

  • Offer upgradable plans that allow the customer to choose depending on their resources.
  • All plans are easy to use allowing the customer to handle their domains and databases with ease.
  • Offers round the clock live support.
  • Use enterprise class servers to enhance reliability to the maximum.

I used Namecheap for my domain name noelmadesdotcom and qualityengineersguidedotcom because for me it is lower price than any company.

2. Dreamhost

This is also a registrar company for domain names. But not only as a registrar but the company also provides web hosting. However, we recommend auto-renewal of domain names which people may overlook as part ofdhbanner300x250 registering but in real sense it does save headaches further down the line. Some of the advantages linked with auto renewal will include:

  • Users do not have to worry that the services associated with their domain going dormant.
  • Scammers will not prey on the domain since its active always as compared to dormant websites.
  • Helps owners of the domains to avoid serious legal consequences.

I just liked Dreamhost to host my domain and I recommend this because I never experience any uncomfortable scenario.

3. Infolinks

Infolinks is a worldwide online platform that offers advertising solutions. They offer a self-service marketplace where the advertisers will be able to customize their ad according to their own preference. Our platform is now number one when it comes to the provision of ads on blogs and websites. Through Infolinks, the publishers will enjoy a high rate of Click through Rate, meaning that the more flooded your website is, the better chances you have to make money. I used this to have some income streams from my blog.


4. Sendlane

Sendlane is designed to help you acquire email addresses generally, turning their users into customers that will pay. Sendlane offers a variety of other services too in our platform ranging from email autoresponder, email campaign, email marketing, market automation, landing pages and analytics. Sendlane’s pricing structure is simple and easy to interpret thus saving interested party’s time trying to comprehend. Sendlane’s user interface is also presentable and user-friendly for easy access. Their customer service and support offers great technical support always in case of any issues.

Sendlane offers a low price on startup, suits to all online marketers, affiliate marketer, digital marketer, franchiser etc. which I am having fun of using it.


5. MyThemeshop

MyThemeshop is responsible for offering over 78 themes with 14 of them being extremely free with the rest being on premium terms. They customize themes for online platforms with the main categories being blog themes, e-commerce themes, business themes and magazine themes. Each of this is fully responsive of the users command and installation being just a click away. I am using SteadyIncome theme which I really like. It is the best for me but you can try everything that fits your taste 🙂 there is demo there.