7 Tips How To Update Resume: Get Hired and Earn

As a worker, we often want to find additional jobs other than our regular jobs. We work too hard knowing that there are a lot of things that we want to accomplish based on our current and future needs.


On the application process, the first thing that employers would ask from us will be our resume. In this article, I will be sharing with you on how you can prepare an updated resume, which can more likely make you hired and earn than not.

Preparing a resume at times is taken for granted by most applicants. They think that it is just for formality purposes and that it is only merely relevant to filling-out a slam book or a simple biodata. Do you see? The way you prepare your resume speaks a lot about your personality and skills.

The goal of being hired and eventually earn may be achieved if you know how to prepare a good resume. The employer will figure out if you are worth the shot or not by initially looking, analyzing, and evaluating your resume.

Your resume speaks a lot about you more than you could ever imagine. The font style, size, design, margin, the arrangement of text, and the content plays a vital role in making your employer impressed. Not to mention, a good and professional-looking photo is a must.

Here are 7 tips on how to prepare your resume be hired and earn.

1. Clean and modern template

There is no need for you to look for a very colorful one or something filled with irrelevant design. Remember that you are applying for a particular job and you are not designing a portfolio or a magazine at that. The more straightforward and much clean your resume appears, the better.

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A clean and beautiful resume template might be the one factor to consider by a human resource or talent acquisition personnel. Make sure you count on finding the best resume template.

2. Cut it short

Yes, you’ve read it right. While you may think that your four to five pages resume can impress the employer, remember that he/she might get the impression that you are too boastful about your experiences.

Other than that, he/she might not be interested at all in scanning down all the details, most especially if others are irrelevant to the job that you are applying for. So, cut it short into about one to two pages.

3. Font style and size

I would highly suggest going for the Arial or Tahoma font since these look much professional and easy to read. Additionally, the ideal size of the font would be 11 to 12. Yes, I get it.

You may be someone artistic, and you would like to show the employer your creative side. But I urge you not to express such artistry in your resume. Reserve it for later events, the interview for an instance.

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4. Include what is only necessary

Yes, we get it. You might have a savvy set of skills. But that does not mean that you have to include all those details on your resume. Identify the job that you are applying for, and try to figure out which relevant skills and experience are linked to it. Include what is only necessary and do not clutter your resume with irrelevant information.

5. Do not bluff!

You want to get hired. But that does not mean that you will go to the extent of lying just because you want to get hired. Remember that employers also do their background check and they will know if the things that you have written there are all true or not.

Once they found out that you lied to your resume details, other companies will also call other companies and share them the information about it. In that case, you make your world smaller and much challenging to survive. So, always be truthful about the information that you put on your resume.

6. Flaunt your LinkedIn account

Professional sites like LinkedIn allows employers to get to know you as an applicant better. So, make sure that you build your LinkedIn account into a good and professional looking one.

After that, you may include your LinkedIn link or profile on the resume that you will submit. In just one click, the employer could already access other information about you.

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7. Memorize the Content

More than anything else, you need to memorize the content of your resume. Why? What if you are not that acquainted with the details on your resume, and here comes the interview. The employer will begin asking you questions that are based on what you have indicated on your resume before going to other detailed queries.

The employer will not go further with the interview anymore if he/she notices that you are not sure of your answers on the resume-based questions. He/she might have the impression that you are just bluffing with the information or that you might be confident in applying for the job. So, make sure that you know all the content and you are confident about it.  

The thing is, getting hired because of a good resume if very possible! If you follow these simple tips that I have given above, I am pretty sure that you can win the heart of anyone who will read your submitted resume.

As you prepare your resume, remember that it is as if preparing for the actual workforce. Impress your employer with the good resume, and it is up to him/her to know you and all the things that you can do once he/she meets you for the interview. With all these, I wish you luck.

Do you follow the above 7 steps? Do you have a nice resume to share?

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