Solving Family Chaos Amidst Working from a Distance

Even before you became a worker somewhere else, you are a part of a family. Perhaps, you have been a mom, dad, son, daughter, brother, or sister. Admittedly, while you are away, there will always be problems back at home. In short, there will be a chance that you won’t be there to help the family in terms of chaos. In this article, allow me to share with you some tips on how you could help in solving family chaos amidst working from a distance.


I experienced this before. I was overseas when my cousin called me over the social media, seeking for help. Of course, I was curious on what happened that is why I right away gave her a call. She narrated to me the problems that they were encountering relative to my nephew’s attitude in school. This nephew of mine also happens to be my grandchild.


I thought of ways on how I could help. Given the distance between us, it was difficult at first. Not until I found some medium as well as ways on how to patch such distance. Now, despite conflicts and problems going on at home, I am always able to participate in coming up with solutions.


  1. Collaborative Effort

You cannot do it alone. If you want to be a part in solving family chaos amidst working from a distance, you need the people back home to be constantly connected to you. You need to be constantly updated. Communication is the key to connectedness. The family or friends you have back home should also know and feel that you are interested in being with them virtually. They need to know that you do care despite the distance. By making them feel this, they will be more open to you about the chaos that they experience.

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There are times that when communication is not maintained, people grow apart. There seems to be an invisible wall between people. This is something that I do not want to happen to you. This is perhaps one of the most hurtful heartaches any worker could feel.


  1. Agreement Wise

If you are planning to work somewhere far and you know that there will be a distance between you and your family, you need to come up with an agreement. You cannot just leave filled with uncertainties. People back home should know all your plans. This includes how long you will be gone, how frequent your vacations will be, and how constant the communication will be.


The agreement which concerns your family or children should also be done. If needed, set rules and regulations that your family should adhere to despite the distance. This gives you the chance to be a part of the family still. Your children could all the more appreciate your efforts in this way.


  1. Consistency Matters

Develop a pattern of routine that you do. If your family back home could see that you are consistent about everything, then they will also be consistent. In the same manner, they will trust you. They will feel that you are still very willing to help in solving family chaos amidst working from a  distance.

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What my sister appreciate about me is that no matter how busy I may be, I am consistent about making an update. In the same way, she is also consistent in our family relationship. She will give me updates, share me some stories, secrets, and all other things in between. Remember that distance should not let people drift away from each other. Instead, it should unify the family together. The bond and connection you have with people back home should always be intact.


  1. Help People Cope Up

Your absence is also hurting other people. You need to remember that. It is not only you who is hurting. Your family, most especially your children, are deeply affected. The best thing to do is to help them cope up with your absence. Make them feel that though you are away, you are just one message or chat away. With the availability of the internet and all other means of communication, helping your family cope with your absence will be more comfortable than before. Imagine, years back, people have to wait for weeks or even months waiting for letters from their loved ones. Now, every communication can occur within seconds.


Let them feel that you are still the same person that they could always rely on. Solving family chaos amidst working from a distance will be much easier if your family has accepted the idea that you are somewhere far. They could even help you be fully immersed with family issues and matters despite the distance.

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  1. Make Time

Though this may not be the cheapest way to help, I think this is what you need. If you feel that the chaos or problem is too much and that you need to be there, then take a vacation. Seek for the permission of your superiors to allow you to go home for a while. Explain to them the urgency of the matter, and they will surely understand.


Doing this once in a while, most notably in times of deep troubles or problems, could make your family one. Your family could feel your physical presence, and I think there is nothing much better than that. The idea that you are there with them makes everything lighter and less complicated.


Once you’re able to iron out the chaos, then you may return to your work once more. This way, you were able to show your family that despite the work, they will always be your priority. This creates a chain of love and affection within the family. Something that cannot be easily broken, even by the sharpness of distance.


Solving family chaos amidst working from a distance may be challenging. There will always be a complication. For as long as you are ready to persevere towards your goals of working and being connected with your family, there is nothing you cannot do. I wish you all the luck and blessing!

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