8 Tips to Avoid Different Types of Fraud

As the years go by, the population of people has been little by little more susceptible to the existing types of fraud. Admit it or not, the availability of the internet has paved the way to a faster process of fraud, making a lot of people as victims. But how can we be spared from the different types of fraud, or as we commonly know it, a scam?

The point of the matter is that you have to be observant and cautious about all the activities that you do, either in the real world or online. You might not know it, but predators or scammers are just sitting around the corner, making for the perfect timing to make you as their victim.

As expats or as a worker, we cannot afford to go through the process of being a victim of any fraudulent activity. Number one is because we are very busy workers, we allot of time working, and it will be tough for us to catch up the scammer if in case that it happens to us.

The second and last reason is that we worked hard for the money and savings that we have! Thus, no one has the right to take away what is ours and what we have saved for the people we care about. This is why being cautious at all times is extremely necessary.

In this article, I will be sharing with you some tips on how you could be spared from being scammed.

1. Do not upload your personal information online

Your name, age, birthday, address, contact number, email, the name of your parents, and other personal information should not be put on display on any profile that you have. These set of data can already make someone interested in guessing your passwords and even accessing some of your accounts.

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Aside from that, another fraudulent activity relative to this is the identity theft. You might be surprised that because of this information which you posted online, you will be used as an accessory to a crime without your knowledge.

2. Do not check-in to places while you are still there

Yes, this is also highly discouraged by the authorities. Because people online can see your whereabouts, they can easily track your activities. This can allow them to plan and execute fraudulent activities relative to your account since they are fully aware that you are not in the proper place to track such movements.

Aside from this, possible stalkers waiting to get you and your details might also be on the lookout for the perfect opportunity. So, do not check-in at places real time.

3. Do not entertain investment offers from strangers

There are times that even family members will do fraudulent activities. What more if coming from strangers? They have nothing to lose, and they have everything to gain. These people are good at encouraging people and making them believe that what they do is legit. Once you give them what they need, they will be gone with the wind.

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4. Do not send your card details online

Hacking emails and other social networking sites is also rampant. Once they get hold of your account, they will scan all your messages to see if you ever sent someone your card or bank login details. If it is successful, you will be surprised that your bank is empty and your credit card hit its maximum credit limit. Never entrust your card and bank details to anyone. I repeat, anyone.

5. Do not click any link sent to your email

A lot of hackers and scammers will send you an email imitating how banks and payment gateways send their email. They will try to tell you that something is wrong with your account and that you have to fix it as soon as possible by clicking the account link.

You will then be redirected to the log-in page, and once you used that, they will get all your information. So, never click and log in to links sent to you via email. To be safe, open the official site and log in there.

6. Do not believe text messages asking from money right away, even if it is from a family member

Scammers can also pretend to be someone you know, or even steal the cellular phone of your trusted family member. They will then ask you to send money because of an emergency and the likes. Because you are anxious, you will do your best to provide the needs as soon as possible. To verify if it is true or not, it is better to drop a call or ask the person to meet you face to face.

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7. Do not jump from one investment to another. Take time to study the scheme first.

What is wrong about a lot of fraudulent schemes is that they tend to come now and then. Of course, the aspirant in you might feel very excited about the offer, and you would give in right away because the promised income is relatively high.

The thing is, you need to do a study or even research about the legitimacy of the scheme before investing on it right away. This helps you become a wise decision maker.

8. Do not believe in high income and low effort type of offers

There is no such thing as instant profit! As an investment, you will have to wait or even work for it. If a company is offering you a “too good to be true” offer, then it is time for you to give it a second thought about its possible illegitimacy.

The federal trade commission consumer information said that crooks use tempting tactics to defraud millions of people every year. So, I deeply suggest that always think many times before you take action on any offers especially from a person you do not know.

Please, by all means, do not fall to any of these fraudulent activities. Though it may take the skill to be aware of a possible scam, you have to be careful. Do not decide abruptly because the moment you grab it all at once, that is the time that you are very susceptible to such scams. Take care fellow expat and worker!

Do you have experiences of the above types of fraud? Please share your thoughts below.

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