Top 10 Sure Ways to Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Affiliate Marketing Site

Driving traffic to your website is a challenge that you’re going to face as an affiliate marketer. You need targeted traffic to make money or boost your income from your site.

In over 6 years in the online blogging world, in the world of the blogosphere, I’ve found the ways how to get 200 to currently nearly 2000 views every day in one of my blogs and it is counting.

Now, listen up because I”m gonna sharing with you some of those highly targeted sources of traffic. And boost your whatever business you may have online. How could you imagined that having such daily views could bring leads to your business online or even offline.

Below are top 10 sure ways to drive quality targeted traffic to your affiliate marketing website that I’m always using.

Here we go…

1. Blogs or Blogging

A blog can be used to touch base with your prospects and members apart from using it to drive traffic to your site. Blogs are usually more personal and friendly than affiliate business websites. They are also considered to be an effective way to provide news, tips, advice and other information to your prospective customers. Ensure to add your affiliate marketing site link on your blog.

2. Free Gift or Freebies

It is very effective to offer gifts to attract people to visit your affiliate marketing site. This method could be cheap and easy to implement. Moreover, offering your visitors incentives to signup on your site is great and more effective. This strategy is greatly used by some of the top earner’s internet marketers. And make sure you try this.

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3. Autoresponder or Campaign E-mail

Autoresponder email or campaigns, when used appropriately, can drive targeted traffic to your website. You can do this by providing high-quality information on the body of your message and adding your site link with the message.

You can use this method in two ways. First, you can include the whole content in the message and add a link that will take the recipients to similar or related articles on your affiliate marketing website. Secondly, you can provide a part of the content in the email body and provide the recipient with a link to the full article on your website. Don’t forget to add your URL as your signature in each message.

4. Blog Post or Articles

Well-written blog posts or articles, especially “how-tos” and informative ones have been tested to drive a significant number of traffic to affiliate marketing websites. When writing your article, ensure that you include links to additional or similar information found on your site within the body of the article and your signature.

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5. Social Media

One of the social media that has great traffic is Facebook, imagine that if you have 5,000 friends on Facebook it could literally give your affiliated site a huge numbers of subscribers. What’s great on facebook is you can directly talk to your friends in real time, it’s like you are talking in personal from its messenger and you can even call them live via Facebook video calling option. To grab this opportunity is to sign up for an account on Facebook so you could leverage by just putting your link on your wall, and someone might click it and will eventually sign up.

There are many more types of social media that you can use to generate traffic: Google, Twitter, Linked-in etc.

6. Newsletters and e-zines

People want or search for information about things related to their field of study, favorite topics or interests. That is why you should offer e-zines and newsletter subscriptions and ensure that there are links that will take recipients to your website. A separate landing page should be used for the subscription process to make it convenient for your site visitors to subscribe.

7. Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking websites are also a reliable source of quality, targeted traffic to your affiliate marketing site. You can easily define your market demographics, making it easier to send invitations to your potential site members or leads.

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8. Discussion Forums and Boards

Leaving thought-provoking and useful comments on forums and discussion boards and forums encourages other forum or board members to reply you. With that, you can easily build a network of like-minds. Ensure to use the URL of your affiliate marketing site as your signature.

9. Guest Blogging

You can use guest blogging to drive traffic from a certain blog to your affiliate site. If your content is unique, great and useful to readers, they will be interested in visiting and following your affiliate marketing site.

10. Allow Visitors to Bookmark your Web Pages

By allowing your readers to bookmark your site page(s), you can drive traffic to your site. Additionally, you will be able to promote the bookmarked pages as well as your site to people who have the interest in your niche. One sample of this is Shareaholic which my blog is using.

Following the above top 10 ways to drive traffic is the most easiest way to get tons of traffic to your website or whatever online business you may have.

They are the best ways I’ve ever found and currently using.

If you have any additionals to these ways, you may comment on the comment box below. Thanks for visiting.

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