Top Priorities in Allotting Your Earnings

Have you ever worked so hard and at the end of it, you try to figure out if it is worth it? You just kept on questioning if all the things that you are doing on priority allotment of your earnings are already enough to sustain your needs. It also sometimes make you feel like a little paranoid.

You think that yes, you might be earning and yet you are not achieving your desired lifestyle. While this may be true at some point, it is also important to note that what you need is to recalibrate the way you allot your earnings

The big question is now is, how do you use your earnings? If you think that you’re the only person experiencing that, then you’re wrong. We’ve all been there, and we know how it feels.

In this article, I will be sharing with you some ways on how you could allot your hard-earned earnings on a wisely manner based on your level of priorities. Generally, I will be sharing with you four aspect which you have to personally balance in allotting your earnings.

This includes the savings, health, business, and expenses. Ready to know them with all the full details? Read the rest of this article and journey with me as I share this meaningful content.

Allotment #1: Savings

Contrary to most workers would say that savings are the last of their priority, I assume that they are doing it wrong! As a worker, you have to understand that you are working not merely to survive at the moment, but to prepare for the future! So, saving should come as the top priority which you need to consider. You should pay yourself first before you spend your earnings.

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Once you’ve got your monthly earnings, separate the savings part right away before spending the remaining parts. It could save you from a lot of guilt later on since you cannot overspend since the money is already allotted on your savings priority.

I would highly recommend that you keep your savings on a separate account so that it won’t be mixed up with your regular account which you use in spending on a daily basis. Through this, you keen keenly keep track of your actual saved amount without having to be confused about your regular money.

As an expat, remember that the more savings you have, the better. You are not assured of what the future may bring, and the only way for you to be prepared for it is if you do all things that you can to have the enough and even more than enough resources when the future comes.

Allotment #2: Health

Health is wealth. That’s what I always think about whenever I would like to sacrifice something relative to my health just because I want to buy some small items. I’ve come to realize this aspect the hard way. Before, I do not spend a lot of effort in taking good care of my health.

I wanted to work as much as possible so that I can save and at the same time, experience a comfortable life that I’ve been dreaming of. There is nothing wrong with that, what is wrong is that in trying to achieve those goals, I eventually neglected my health and I ultimately needed to rest for a while t recuperate. Aside from the fact that the hospitalization cost and medicine are expensive, what is more, disappointing is that I neglected my well-being.

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As expats and as workers, we are the total and complete stewards of ourselves. We have to make sure that we take good care of it because we only have one body and if it is not anymore functioning well, we cannot find a replacement no matter how much money we have.

Life is precious; health is precious. By all means, allot a part of your earnings in maintaining a healthy body through proper lifestyle. Eat healthy food, take vitamins, and do all healthy activities. Once you are healthy, you can conquer the world.

Allotment #3: Business

Yes, you’ve heard it right. The third allotment area is business. May it be an online or physical business, make sure that you are a step towards such dreams. You won’t have to settle for being a worker forever. You need to visualize that a day will come where you have to be the boss of your own business.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Make a blog or website. Today, My blog is earning a consistent income, not so much but it’s an additional income.” quote=”Make a blog or website. Today, My blog is earning a consistent income, not so much but it’s an additional income.”]

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Yes, this is possible! You won’t have to work for anyone since you can build your own business. And this is, of course, be a reality if you do something as early as now! As you get your monthly earnings, make sure that you allot a part of it on your business goals.

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Perhaps you don’t have the concrete business plan as of the moment, but that does not mean that you won’t have to begin planning and saving for it. One thing that I am sure about is that no matter business you will venture on, it will always need capital.

Allotment #4: Expenses

Yes, this allotment comes last since it is something that serves as your obligation. Now that you know that this is the last part of your earnings, the best that you can do is to make sure that you do not accumulate a lot of expenses.

If you’re sending money for your loved ones, then that is a part of your expenses. You can now cut some of your costs without having to sacrifice the previous three areas as well as your wellness. For instance, limit your use of phone loads and the likes since you can connect with the same people through online. I suggest that you follow 20/30/70 budget rule, you will amaze later that you money saved apart from expenses.

You may also opt out to cut-out the additional subscriptions that you have since these only serve as additional baggage on your monthly expenses. The thing is, the less you have in your expenses, the better.

With your ability to manage these four areas correctly, savings, health, business, and expenses, I am sure that you are a step towards developing a stable lifestyle. All will be good, all will be better, and all will be at its best once you’re able to entirely be committed to doing these priorities in allotting your earnings. Good luck!

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