Top Tips to Handle Employer Abuse

Writing this article is heavy for me. As much as I would like to talk about something light, entertaining, and informative at the same time, I cannot shun the idea that all workers, regardless of area of work, should be knowledgeable about this topic. In this article, let me share the same thoughts on how you can handle employer abuse.


Admit it or not, there is a balloon of queries and complains about this topic. This is because no matter what we do as workers, there will always be unfair and cruel employers. That, of course, can lead to abuse, either verbal, psychological, and even physical. We all want to work harmoniously, but there will be instances where we can feel that there is too much force going on. In the end, there are times that we are compelled to do things against our will.


As I have said, abuse can be emotional, verbal, or physical. Whatever type of abuse you may be going through under your employer, you have to make it stop. Yes, you are working. But it does not mean that people above you have the right to treat you poorly. You have to know your rights and fight towards a better work condition. You have your set of rights and privileges, and you have all the right to defend yourself against any form of injustices. In this article, allow me to share with you some points on how you could handle employer abuse.


  1. Seek help right away

Most of the horrific stories that I have heard about employer abuse is that they kept their mouth shut for a long time before they finally decided to speak up. What I want to tell you now is that as soon as you feel that you are being abused, and you have enough evidence to support such a claim, then you need to seek help.

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Do not wait for the next move to be taken before you do your part. Who knows? The next one might be the last. It might be the last because it might be the end of you. Yes, horrific as it may sound, but it is the truth. It is something that is happening.


If you are an expat, you could immediately go to the Department of Foreign Affairs of your country, and if you are a worker on your own land, you could right away head to the Human Resource Department of the company. I repeat you have to handle your employer abuse as soon as possible.


  1. Record all the details

Take note of the date, the specific language used, and the number of times it happened. Once there is an investigation, these details could help you a lot. Because you know the date and the time, possible CCTV footage could be used and utilized to support your claim. Also, if there will be a filing of legal case, these details will be highly advantageous. Take record of all the details, no matter big or small they may be.


Logbooks, camera footage, text messages, emails, whatever details you get, make sure compile them and keep them safe. The moment that your employer realized that you are after them, they will begin to erase every possible trace of abuse. So, you better keep these things safe.

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  1. Get witnesses

It will be your claim against your employer’s claim. That will always be the argument and the case. To solidify your claim of abuse, then look for possible witnesses. These could be people who witnessed the actual abuse or who had seen your state or the effects of the abuse. In the aspect of the legal case, their testimonies could help you prove your stand.


These witnesses may be friends of you or not. But believe me, as soon as they hear your story, and what they have been through, they will not hesitate to help you. They will stand up for you, just like how they would like others to stand up for them. They will help you handle employer abuse at the best of their capacity.


  1. Gather information

All information that could help your complaint or case should be gathered. There will be times that because employers are influential, the truth might at times be twisted. The only way to prevent that is if you have substantial evidence or detailed information to invalidate their false claims.


Remember that all the information that you shall gather should be legal and acceptable. Taking illegal evidence might be used against you as a worker and might affect the overall progress of the case. Be keen on gathering information, use your resources if possible, and be sure to gather the legit or authentic one.

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  1. Confide with family and friends

After all the possible physical and mental exhaustion you’ve had, and you’ve been through because of the employer abuse, you need a strong support system. You need to have your family and friends at your back to support you. As hard as it may sound, you need to open up and let them know what you’ve been through, what you feel at the moment, and what your plans might be.


The psychological burden of the abuse will hunt you down. But for as long as you have your loved ones with you, I know that you can get through it. There is no need for you to keep it as a secret. The more you open up about it, the less heavy it will be.


A friend of mine once told me that she kept it to herself for years. The only time that she opened up was when it was too much for her to handle. In the end, she needed to undergo therapies and counseling so that she could be better.


I would like to personally believe that if ever you will be in that situation, you will already know how to handle employer abuse. I want you to fight for yourself, and to fight for your rights. As a worker, either expatriates or not, learning how to defend yourself is very necessary. Good luck!


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