What Is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing?

There are many people when they hear Network Marketing they become allergic others are afraid and they avoid and even hate the word networking (short of Network Marketing).

I will explain now here that everyone must not feel annoy or afraid or even hate when they will hear the word Networking.

First here is the meaning of Network Marketing or networking:


So from the the meaning above we can say that networking is a platform used to distribute products via direct selling so it’s only mean it still business. Anybody now may think when they hear networking just replace it with “business” then you’ll just feel and say ah! Ok it’s business.

AIM Global uses Network Marketing to distribute their products.

Now! The right time of network marketing has arrived. And AIM Global is unstoppable in the Phillippines and even abroad and its because of the Law of Leverage.

According to experts, the Law of Leverage is the most important way to get wealth, the ability to multiply yourself, your time. That’s the reason AIM Global has and use recruiting, you tend to leverage yourself and even your time.

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Then if you don’t want recruiting or inviting people, not the person who invited you or AIM Global you avoided but the Law of Leverage! You’ve just avoided the most important way or technique to wealth.

According to Engr. Jurgen Gonzales – Business and Training Devt. Manager in AIM Global

“In AIM Global, you are not just to be taught to get your DREAMS but to build positive mindset and you’ll meet positive friends as well.”

We will talk not the life of other people but about YOUR life on how to change it to better good!’

Friends thanks for visiting and you may contact me if you have questions and if you want ask guidance for this opportunity.

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